Female rappers my thoughts

      Many years ago rap was a culture.  Mainly 40 years ago.  Which is almost a half a century.  Back then rap  artists were called MC’s.  Lyrical rapping was the shit.  The industry was non existent.  It was all about doing it for fun. I know men dominated the game once upon a time.  From the 70’s to the early 90’s.  Females came through before that but didn’t have commercial success until the 80’s and the 90’s.  The top female rappers I remember then were, Roxanne shante, Queen Latifah, Mc lyte, Yo-Yo , Salt and pepa and Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.  Who dominated the 80’s and the 90’s era.  Now a days from the 2000’s are Trina, Eve, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.  I preferred the old school a few years ago.  The new school turned me off too the whole genre.  I’ll tell you why.

        The old school had lyrical finesse.  I respected their message.  For example Queen Latifah for U-N-I-T-Y.  The song spoke to me it’s message made sense.  Asking black people to try to unite and respect each other.  How much do you hear that nowadays.  Not much.  She also promoted afrocentric movement.  Another example is eve.  She promoted confidence in being a black female.  I don’t have the patience to list everyone I respect.... and their good qualities.  But I feel those examples are understandable.

          The new generation from 2008 and on are very talented.  They earned their keeps.  But got damn it they are too cocky.  Too pretentious.  Rude and intolerable.  Why they just are.  Here’s my reason why I don’t respect them.  I don’t need to name names.  The just promote debauchery and their fame.  Laugh and brag about how they doo doo on their haters.  Drag basic chicks and so on.  I don’t and won’t buy or pay attention to it.

            Which is why I do not listen to rap at all no more.  Especially female rap.  It doesn’t sooth my soul.  It doesn’t make me think inquisitively about specific situations.  I just don’t get it and won’t get it.  I turned my back on my so called urban culture.  Why? They don’t respect real basic people like me.  We are useless eaters to them not people that serve a purpose in life.  What matters to them is their expensive clothes and accolades.  What matters to me is life, health, and earning what I can to survive.  I can’t relate.  Since 9 years ago my taste in music changed.  My idea 💡 of a good song is love is found by Sade. The world changed for me.  Females in rap are not my idols anymore.



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    1. You can find my books at my author page https://www.amazon.com/author/shadelleamarante


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