Childish Gambino A Psychological Threat to America

       I don't really love rap music. But childish gambino really rubs me the wrong way. His real name is Donald Glover. He started as an actor on 30 rock or wrote for the show. It helped him turn that into a opportunity to do music. It also helped him create the show Atlanta. But last year he came out with a controversial video for a song called "This is America." Which he earned a Grammy this year for best album of the year. On that album was the song "This is America." The video depicted him mostly shooting people in a warehouse mostly. What really caught my attention is when he fired a machine gun at a church choir. Just singing hymns. What is his message? What is he trying to say? To me it's him releasing his anger at Christians and saying they should be killed. Well I see the world is more happy glorifying celebrity and violence. Instead of respecting people that have conservative beliefs.
           Childish Gambino is not getting reprimanded at all for his art. I consider "This is America" song a message to Christians. I guess it is fine to kill a choir in a video. It's OK to respect this Childish Gambino character. I'm being sarcastic in the last two sentences. Though it's true. Singer Rihanna posted pictures of her with him on social media. Showing her approval of him. It sickens my spirit to know that this is how evil the world has become.
This man became popular off of the song "This is America." It won him a Grammy award. It made him richer. It gave him popularity of huge proportions. Although I still believe he does not deserve the accolades and success. To me he is a threat to America. Glorifying gun violence and murder in his music. If it was the early 90s his video would have been banned on MTV. Not only that it would his album would have never earned a Grammy nomination. What happened to the Christian preachers. Why haven't they made a statement about his video for the song "This is America." In which glorified murdering people. Innocent people just singing bible hymns. It pains my soul to know people don't care.

         In today's society people like, Childish Gambino, get away with murder. Not only in his artwork. In real life as well. He bragged about having his own strap in the song "This is America." Who is he shooting at? Innocent people or people that threaten him. Either way don't let the nerdy act fool you. He's a psychological and mental threat to society. For promoting the idea that black men should carry a gun, shoot innocent people, and live the gangster life. I guess this is his idea of what black people in America supposed to be.



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