About my creative endeavors

         Today I took my time.  I am looking for work in this cut throat industry.  My day job I don’t advertise for my protection.  But it’s in the field of private loss prevention.  I background act as a hobby and a pet dorm paid job.  It’s hectic for people that’s ethnic.  There’s so many faces.  Not enough roles to spread around.  The last job I did was “The Face” as a audience member of a fashion show.  It happened in 2012.  I just reregistered with the casting agency.  For my privacy I won’t disclose their name.

         Also I republished my books that I wrote 15 years ago.  Both were self published with Xlibris corporation.  But the books had little commercial success.  Even though I sent a press release for them.  Spent thousands of dollars on both.  They were published in 2005 and 2007.  You can check out my author page on amazon at the link below.

         At this link you can view my ebooks for free through kindle ebooks.  It’s free for a limited time.   It’s good to post your book for free for exposure. If you have kindle please don’t hesitate to download and read my books.


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