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Today is a quiet rainy day.  A good time to reflect on childhood memories.  How carefree those days were.  People were nicer to me.  More forgiving and understanding then they used to be.  I just think back and wish I was there again.  Indulging in the respect people gave me.  It was less about what you had to give.  And more about appreciating your existence.

Female rappers my thoughts

Many years ago rap was a culture.  Mainly 40 years ago.  Which is almost a half a century.  Back then rap  artists were called MC’s.  Lyrical rapping was the shit.  The industry was non existent.  It was all about doing it for fun. I know men dominated the game once upon a time.  From the 70’s to the early 90’s.  Females came through before that but didn’t have commercial success until the 80’s and the 90’s.  The top female rappers I remember then were, Roxanne shante, Queen Latifah, Mc lyte, Yo-Yo , Salt and pepa and Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.  Who dominated the 80’s and the 90’s era.  Now a days from the 2000’s are Trina, Eve, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.  I preferred the old school a few years ago.  The new school turned me off too the whole genre.  I’ll tell you why.

        The old school had lyrical finesse.  I respected their message.  For example Queen Latifah for U-N-I-T-Y.  The song spoke to me it’s message made sense.  Asking black people to try to unite and respect each oth…

A little bit of sunshine

Today is like any other day.  I am working it.  But I keep getting someone complains to me about their living situation.  I tell them to cherish life and be greatful for the day.  We all are looking for a little bit of happiness.

Childish Gambino A Psychological Threat to America

I don't really love rap music. But childish gambino really rubs me the wrong way. His real name is Donald Glover. He started as an actor on 30 rock or wrote for the show. It helped him turn that into a opportunity to do music. It also helped him create the show Atlanta. But last year he came out with a controversial video for a song called "This is America." Which he earned a Grammy this year for best album of the year. On that album was the song "This is America." The video depicted him mostly shooting people in a warehouse mostly. What really caught my attention is when he fired a machine gun at a church choir. Just singing hymns. What is his message? What is he trying to say? To me it's him releasing his anger at Christians and saying they should be killed. Well I see the world is more happy glorifying celebrity and violence. Instead of respecting people that have conservative beliefs.
           Childish Gambino is not getting reprimanded at all …

About my creative endeavors

Today I took my time.  I am looking for work in this cut throat industry.  My day job I don’t advertise for my protection.  But it’s in the field of private loss prevention.  I background act as a hobby and a pet dorm paid job.  It’s hectic for people that’s ethnic.  There’s so many faces.  Not enough roles to spread around.  The last job I did was “The Face” as a audience member of a fashion show.  It happened in 2012.  I just reregistered with the casting agency.  For my privacy I won’t disclose their name.

         Also I republished my books that I wrote 15 years ago.  Both were self published with Xlibris corporation.  But the books had little commercial success.  Even though I sent a press release for them.  Spent thousands of dollars on both.  They were published in 2005 and 2007.  You can check out my author page on amazon at the link below.
         At this link you can view my ebooks for free through kindle ebooks.  It’…


Hello my name is Shadelle.  Welcome to my blog.  I hope it’s interesting and worth wild.  I will write about entertainment news, life, and other stuff.  The purpose is to gain an audience of people that enjoy what I enjoy.  In addition build an outstanding community of like minded people to engage with.  Please enjoy the reading journey of the starving artist.